Sunspot Number Falls to 30, Climbs to 84

  After the Sun’s dramatic fall to zero and subsequent climb to 90, a peak of 127 was seen on 7/19/2011. Eight days later, the count bottomed out at 30. Last night and this morning, the Sunspot number stands at 84. IF the pattern holds, we will see a return to low twenties in around … Continue reading

The Final 1000 Days: Observations on a Dying World, Made By One of Its Inhabitants

I started this journal 3/21/2010. The original point was to write everyday and observe weather, solar, and geospatial storms. Also to give a perspective unique enough to be interesting. The pages will be testimony to a families’ struggle to thrive, or used as defense material at a future trial 😉 I will start by reposting the passages … Continue reading