C/2010 X1 (a.k.a. “Elenin”) Data and Image

JPL’s data on C/2010 X1, a.k.a “Elenin” can be found here- http://ssd.jpl.nasa.gov/sbdb.cgi?sstr=C%2F2010%20X1;orb=1;cov=0;log=0;cad=1#elem In the event you are unable to see it, here are the highlights. Time of closest approach= Oct 16, 2011 @ 1950 UTC Apparent Magnitude on 10/16/2011 will be 6.95 Distance on 10/16/2011=0.2338459….. AU or 34,982,848.7098205169 km or 21,737,334.40237683669 miles Speed= 23.909 km/sec … Continue reading

Cosmoclimatology: Svensmark Clouds and CMEs Effect on Atmospheric Water Content

Below is a quote from- http://hypsithermal.wordpress.com/2009/08/05/latest-from-svensmark-…  I will try to find out more about this because I deeply feel this is the answer to just about everything. As we came out of this last deep solar minimum in December 2009, it became obvious after each CME or sunspot flare the atmosphere was reacting.   Quote- … Continue reading

Sunspot Number Falls to 30, Climbs to 84

  After the Sun’s dramatic fall to zero and subsequent climb to 90, a peak of 127 was seen on 7/19/2011. Eight days later, the count bottomed out at 30. Last night and this morning, the Sunspot number stands at 84. IF the pattern holds, we will see a return to low twenties in around … Continue reading

From The Astronomer’s Telegram: “New flaring activity in PKS 1510-089”

New flaring activity in PKS 1510-089 Subjects: Optical, Gamma Ray, >GeV, Request for Observations, AGN, Blazar, Quasar, Transient Following the bright flare in PKS 1510-089 reported by the AGILE and Fermi-LAT teams in ATel #3470 and Atel #3473 and reports on activities in the radio band (ATel #3500) the Automatic Telescope for Optical Monitoring (ATOM) recorded an increase … Continue reading

As Found on “The Astronomer’s Telegram”- Superoutburst of Cataclysmic Variable B8 in NGC 6791

Astronomical observations from around the globe are posted to “The Astronomer’s Telegram” (www.astronomerstelegram.org) to share information and to seek additional observations. For myself, I use it to find sources of the observed changes in our atmosphere and plausible causes for our climate change. Below, ATel #3507, posted 7/24/2011 Subjects: Optical, Cataclysmic Variable The Kepler Mission observed … Continue reading

Sunspot Count Falls to Zero… Then Skyrockets to 90.

On 7/15/2011 @ 0226 the Sunspot count stood at 90. At 0321 on 7/15/2011 it had dropped to 79. That number held through 0216 on 7-16-2011. The image above is the most recent observation posted on the SDO site. By my count the Sunspot number is between 10 and 12. At 0432 on 7/16/2011, the … Continue reading

Earth’s Weather Is Caused By Space Weather.

Point blank, simple, and complete. Muons (subatomic particles) entering our atmosphere penetrate deeper than any of the other cosmic rays due to their larger mass. When these quantum particles strike an SO2 molecule, they pass a charge and make cloud formation possible. SO2 provides nucleation sites for water to condense and… viola. Clouds, and then rain, … Continue reading

Knowledge will KEEP us free… and save your ass!

I am in the design phase of a home electrical generation system utilizing other people’s inventions and designs. It is horrible to say that, I understand copyright law since I am a musician and depend on such protections for income. But it is acceptable to play a “cover” of a song written by a band … Continue reading

The Final 1000 Days: Observations on a Dying World Made by One of Its Inhabitants

August 4, 2010                         871 Days   When I first started my journal, I was ready to write everyday and make detailed notes on everything I could. I feel regret that I have not lived up to that. Everyday we draw closer to the singularity and everyday I learn so much more about the weather, the … Continue reading

The Final 1000 Days: Observations on a Dying World Made by One of Its Inhabitants

Original entry date: 5-20-2010                976 days     Heard a stat yesterday…. in the three known eruptions of this (Icelandic volcano “Eyek”) volcano, the second volcano has erupted, too. So it is only a matter of time.     No sunspots for a 6th day. Weather is cool with humidity in the 30% range. If climate … Continue reading