New Galactic Center X-ray Transient Detected by Swift: SWIFT J174540.7-290015

(Above: Crow. Ok… I get it? You can stop laughing now, you damn bird. Makes me wanna eat you even more!!) Well… One must admit when one has jumped the gun, and I may have been a tiny bit premature with my last post?? Maybe? Hell. You can’t blame me! Just read a couple posts … Continue reading

New observations of Sgr A* show Dramatic Increase in High Energy Output!

The SWIFT team has been observing the Galactic Center for three years. The observations have given us data on a new magnetar in the GC, and shows in the data as the tallest peaks, reaching almost 14 sigma above the normally observed energy output of about 3 sigma, usually less. The oddly smooth data gaps … Continue reading

X3 Solar Flare Moves FASTER Than Light

The following is from SOLAR FLARE CAUSES RARE ‘MAGNETIC CROCHET’: On Nov. 5th at 22:12 UT, the magnetic canopy of sunspot AR1890 erupted, producing a brief but intense X3-class solar flare. NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory recorded the extreme ultraviolet flash: Radiation from the flare caused a surge in the ionization of Earth’s upper atmosphere–and this … Continue reading

Blazar TXS 0529+075 May Have Kicked Off the Betelgeuse Supernova

Above: Orion. Alpha Orion, aka Betelgeuse, may have gone nova within the past 640 years. The following is found at the, posted 19 Nov 2011; 12:03 UT Quote: Swift observations of the flaring GeV blazar OG 050 (TXS 0529+075) Subjects: Optical, Ultra-Violet, X-ray, AGN, Blazar, Quasar Following the reported flaring activity of the flat spectrum radio … Continue reading

C/2010 X1 (a.k.a. “Elenin”) Data and Image

JPL’s data on C/2010 X1, a.k.a “Elenin” can be found here-;orb=1;cov=0;log=0;cad=1#elem In the event you are unable to see it, here are the highlights. Time of closest approach= Oct 16, 2011 @ 1950 UTC Apparent Magnitude on 10/16/2011 will be 6.95 Distance on 10/16/2011=0.2338459….. AU or 34,982,848.7098205169 km or 21,737,334.40237683669 miles Speed= 23.909 km/sec … Continue reading

La Palma, Canary Islands- 700+ Earthquakes Since July, 2011

  This little tropical island off the coast of Africa holds the potential to wipe most of the U.S. Eastern Seaboard off the map. Active volcano ‘El Hierro’ runs down the southern half of La Palma, bisecting it, and creating a “Crescent Moon” shape facing Northwest. Geologists have investigated this and found it is the beginning of a … Continue reading

As Found on “The Astronomer’s Telegram”- Superoutburst of Cataclysmic Variable B8 in NGC 6791

Astronomical observations from around the globe are posted to “The Astronomer’s Telegram” ( to share information and to seek additional observations. For myself, I use it to find sources of the observed changes in our atmosphere and plausible causes for our climate change. Below, ATel #3507, posted 7/24/2011 Subjects: Optical, Cataclysmic Variable The Kepler Mission observed … Continue reading

Knowledge will KEEP us free… and save your ass!

I am in the design phase of a home electrical generation system utilizing other people’s inventions and designs. It is horrible to say that, I understand copyright law since I am a musician and depend on such protections for income. But it is acceptable to play a “cover” of a song written by a band … Continue reading

The Final 1000 Days: Observations on a Dying World Made by One of Its Inhabitants

Original entry date: 5-20-2010                  945 days   We are now in another stretch of 11 days without sunspots. Though, a 100,000 KM long filament is stretching across the northern limb of the Sun. It is coming into position facing us. We’ve seen solar storms blasting Earth off and on for about two weeks. This one … Continue reading

The Final 1000 Days: Observations on a Dying World Made by One of Its Inhabitants

Original entry date: 5-20-2010                976 days     Heard a stat yesterday…. in the three known eruptions of this (Icelandic volcano “Eyek”) volcano, the second volcano has erupted, too. So it is only a matter of time.     No sunspots for a 6th day. Weather is cool with humidity in the 30% range. If climate … Continue reading