Every One of Us is Currently Fighting in the First Cyber World War


Today on MSNBC, a gentleman said that Russia is currently attempting to sway the US Presidential Election by releasing hacked emails. This is the publicly released information and BOTH candidates are being briefed by the National Security heads. The Russians are attempting to sway the election in favor of Donald Trump, and Donald Trump is being briefed about the swaying of the election in his favor, and Trump on his campaign stump has said “it could be anyone. It might not be Russia.”

The FBI has broken SOP by announcing they are looking at potentially incriminating emails from Secratary Clinton, within ten days of the election. They DO NOT release potentially election swaying announcements within a MONTH of an election!!

We are witnessing the actions of the CIA coming back home to roost. In toppled monarchy after overthrown dictatorship, CIA influence in a population has moved people to revolt and do all the ‘dirty work’. The result- plausible deniability for the US government. “The people have spoken and US supports the voice of the people.” No US military needed.

So, within this newly created bubble of perceived reality, established beliefs become mirrors of their former selves… Such was the case in the 2000 election when GWB coined the phrase ‘compassionate conservatism’. Bullshit! He was trying to look as if the GOP cared about people who relied on entitlement programs, when in reality all they wanted to do was throw BILLIONS of dollars into the Stock Market by privatizing government programs like Social Security.

Translation- The GOP has always been and will always be a party of hypocrites.

In order to secure ruling power, they will say anything, disregard any established principal, present a repeated lie as factual evidence for their case, as well as glad hand and press the skin with anyone who has money ready to give for the re-election campaign. Ready to sacrifice it all to keep the religious cult of Republicanism alive for generations to come…

And this is how we will win in our fight to keep the USA alive. We know who is attempting to bring down our government. We all know who is who in our political structure! They’re like family… we know exactly how family members are going to act in just about every situation. So here, in this bizzaro-world, our racist drunk uncle is Donald Trump, and he is a selfish bastard who is ALWAYS RIGHT, no matter how much he hates the fact someone he hates supports what he’s saying.

“I’m so right, even that prick Putin agrees with me!”

Where would the election stand if, during the debates, Donald Trump said “My opponent is correct, we must all be worried about a foreign entity influencing our elections.” Um… it would be over. Everyone’s conclusion- “Wow, that Donald Trump is a smart man, we should do as he suggests and unite behind Clinton to stop Russia from interfering in our elections.”

Sadly, we all know how family will act in any situation. “That prick, Putin, is always gonna be a smart guy if he agrees with me. But Hillary… such a nasty woman.”

If we remove all the bullshit stirred up by hackers and PsyOps of foreign governments, we are left with one conclusion… Hillary is the one bitch Vladimir Putin is afraid of. Many old men are afraid of a smart, strong, and stubborn old lady. Don’t sound like too bad a choice if you ask me!

Keep your head UP!!


Any thoughts??

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