“…and the winner is-” A Little Numbers Perspective


All numbers provided as of August 18, 2016

Using the election numbers from 2012, I wanted to provide some context for how close the election really is, even if it seems like it maybe coming to a premature conclusion. Latest polling shows-



Hillary Clinton is polling at 43%

Number of votes cast in 2012= 129,085,403

That would equate to 55,506,723








Donald Trump is polling at 38%

Number of votes in 2012= 129,085,403

That would be 49,052,453




This guy is known as “PewDiePie” on YouTube. He has the highest number of subscribers on YouTube at 47,297,589

Number of votes in 2012= 129,085,403

That’s 36.6% of the popular vote!!

So, he may not be able to beat Hillary, but he could pass Trump if he were to run for President.

Let’s compair this to past elections.



Bill Clinton won in 1992 with ONLY 44,909,806

PewDiePie wins!!

But, seeking a second term in 1996, Bill Clinton would win with 47,401,185, but only by little more than 100,000 votes.









In 1980, Ronald Reagan won the election with 43,903,230 popular votes.

PewDiePie wins in a landslide, over 3.5 million MORE than Reagan!

Again, as was the case against Clinton, PewDiePie would not be re-elected. (…his agenda would probably be seen as “to liberal/socialist” and the voters said ‘no more!!’






So, what does this mean? No, subscribers on YouTube are not obligated to vote for the channel’s owner, and subscribers are not the same as votes from a statistical standpoint. But the numbers show a couple crappy actors, a former Governor, and a US Senator should be thankful that Mr. Pie, or any other of the millions of people who run a channel on YouTube, have not tested the waters for a political campaign. With the new revelations being disclosed every week about so-and-so’s dishonesty or what’s-his-name’s dodging of important questions, an independent run by someone with close to 48 million supporters would be interesting to say the least!

Keep your head UP!!




Any thoughts??

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