“There’s something bad going on… Believe me!”


I had a flash of light the other day, thinking about things Donald Trump said in the wake of the tragedy in Orlando. One of the the things he said was “There’s something bad going on… Believe me!” He also said if we don’t do something about it now, one day we won’t have a country left to defend.

What if he is talking about something deeper? What if he is saying all that he can about a classified matter?

Most people would agree that since the passing of the PATRIOT Act, and the events leading to it being passed, our government has gained more control over its citizens. Some people, if they thought real hard about it for one minute, might be able to conceive those events could have lead to a declaration of Martial Law.

In a scenario like that, the Military would be come the Government.

In a scenario like that, who would believe the Military would EVER give the power of governance BACK to the elected politicians?


So… This guy? Could he do it? Is he as outlandish, racist, ignorant as he appears to be? Donald Trump has been a friend of the Clintons for a long time. Good friends it seems, and… I could not imagine what conversation at a dinner with CANDIDATE Trump would be like. And who would invite him back, multiple times, over the course of decades?!!

That says something to the taste of the Clintons! Yes, they are from Arkansas, but they seem to have a bit more class than that! A former president?!! CANDIDATE Trump?!!


I said it. A man with a shitty comb over, a red trucker hat, and an entourage is WITHIN THE MARGIN OF ERROR in a race with Fmr. Sec. Of State Hillary Clinton?


Having read a bit of Masonic literature, and listened to the “Mystery Babylon” series on William Coopers “The Hour of the Time”, I will now call myself an expert on all things Masonic.(sarc) With that said, when you look at the Masonic image I posted at the top, look deeply at the images. It is said the images are the best way to impart meaning throughout the ages. Words come and go, as do languages and countries. But these images, they say, are “pregnant” with meaning.

The knowledge groups like the Freemasons seek to preserve is painted there, in the open, for all to see. And if you seek the knowledge they have, they will show you. It is basic, fundamental knowledge of humanity, science, and spirituality. (And thanks to the freedom of knowledge via the Internet, anyone can find the truth!)

And to them, the fight to preserve these fundamental principals is REAL. This fight is another basic tenant in Masonry- the battle of dark vs. light, good vs. evil. In time a Mason’s job is done, in the end good will triumph over evil. How does one fight a battle of such magnitude? How much money and time would one need?


Hmmm… They could be anywhere! You know… THEM! Always them, fill-in-the-blank evil doer comin’ to take your ____ , ____, and ____ so we better stop them before we’re fighting them here instead of over there!!

seriously… How much time and how much money?

Keep your head UP!!

One Response to ““There’s something bad going on… Believe me!””
  1. Laron says:

    Interesting thoughts. =)

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