Back to The Future Predicts 9/11- and references 7/11

I’m a believer in the power of the human mind. The energy that exists just beyond our everyday reality is malleable, it flows and we flow within it. More than we know, we have the ability to make an impression on the universe around us. As well, the universe will make an impression upon us, or through us, whenever it feels it should!

For me, the big shocker was that on 9/11, the US military was running a simulation, war games exercise, involving hijacked aircraft flying into buildings… ON THE SAME DAY, THE SIM BECAME REALITY.

One off… never happened before, never will again, right?


In London, the Underground was bombed by terrorists on July 11, and London police were running a training exercise involving bombing of Underground stations… THE EXACT SAME STATIONS IN THE SIM WERE BOMBED ON THE DAY OF THE SIM!

That day was 7/11.

Back to The Future Part 3… At the festival, Marty shoots the Colt at the moving target game. The man asks him “Where did you learn to shoot like that?”

Marty replies, “7/11.”

Keep your head UP.




Any thoughts??

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