“Morals and Dogma of Freemasonry”: Discussion and Thoughts

II. The Fellow-Craft

I have started my third run through this book. After the second reading I told myself I must post my thoughts and open a discussion about the topics and the meanings Albert Pike writes about. Though it seems Mr. Pike was, well…. to put it politely and understatedly…. a product of his times, he writes with such passion and knowledge about humanity’s purpose and worth, it almost cancels out his racist views.

I am a “born again polytheistic atheist”. This means I believe in spirituality and universality of all beings without a necessity for creator in a physical sense. Universe is the creator. Electromagnetism is its laws. And  a karmic balance of forces will be maintained in the end. With that said, the god spoken of in this book is the universal laws we are all bound to, and Albert Pike paints a powerful portrait of the roll we all play. Interconnected and woven together, we all share the fruits and the losses. No one is alone here, no matter how isolated we are.

Below is a passage from the second chapter, the description of the tenants of the second degree of Freemasonry, The Fellow-Craft.

Fellow-Craft passage, MADF

One Response to ““Morals and Dogma of Freemasonry”: Discussion and Thoughts”
  1. Sorry about the lazy snapshot of the text. I’m on vacation and just wanted to share now, because if I didn’t, I would never get around to it.
    Keep your head UP!!

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