National Ice Center Stops Lying, Just Stops Posting Data

So far during this year's monitoring of total ice in the Northern Hemisphere, NATICE has confirmed only ONE of the multiple rises in ice volume with a green 'gain' in weekly ice totals. The others?? They've decided to report numbers whenever it suites their needs- a day late here, three days early there. Just so it doesn't show a gain in ice totals.

But now, they can stop fudging the facts! The data cannot be reported due to mice in the machine. A bat in the belfry has messed with the graphing program. (gasp) What about the data?!! Hmmm…. It says “refer to sea ice chart….”


Oh! I see. It's so clear now. How could the fact that total sea ice is about to be at a 9 year high stand in contrast to the global warming agenda? And the southern hemisphere is blowing away all time record totals for ice volume at the same time.

I know…. Instead of lying, we'll just shut up! When anyone asks just tell them it's hot outside! Like the ol' Dean Martin song, “Baby it's cold outside!”…but just the opposite. (whew! that was close)

When the truth about changes in our environment are purposefully hidden from the public, we begging to wonder what that purpose is. For protection of the few above the many? To appear 'on top of the situation', in control of our destiny, as if our government is at the helm and working for you? Or is it a sham. Is the control structure so baffled that the only decision it can make is “don't answer that phone! Close the blinds! Turn off the lights! Shhhhh…… Are they gone yet?”

Are they gone yet? What will they do when, finally, that answer comes back “Yes. They are all gone”?



Any thoughts??

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