Ice Totals Increasing, Trend To Continue?

Image from the U.S National Ice Center/ Naval Ice Center showing Total Ice in km^2.

Image from the U.S National Ice Center/ Naval Ice Center showing Total Ice in km^2.


If one were to listen to just one side of the debate, the graph above could either confuse you or justify you. “Ha! Damn crazy hippies… Global warming is bullshit!!” or “Humanity is causing the planet to burn up at a faster and faster…. um, wait. WTF?!!”

The divisive rhetoric spewed by both sides of the political spectrum have entrenched people so deeply that considering an alternative idea is not an option. As I side with those on the left and believe our planet is changing, I watch news shows like TRMS. And As Rachel Maddow speaks about climate change and its causes, any concept outside the realm of humans are to blame is vilified. Dismissing an idea like particles from space are somehow playing a role in climate change…. cuckoo, cuckoo!!

We stand on the same side of the fight! Climate change is real, preparedness is the only option, and now! Yet as I watch the show I feel like I’ve been kicked in the nuts because I have obviously done more research that her entire team and have found the actual scientific papers published in scientific journals, read them and re-read them until I understood their conclusions.

Their conclusions have alluded to cooling as the end result, not warming. Cooling caused by a unique subatomic particle charge exchange that regulates cloud production in our atmosphere. Yes, it is extremely complicated and can make your brain hurt! But anyone can understand it if they take the time to ask the hard questions. In fact, it is required of all thinking persons to find the truth and UNDERSTAND what is really happening.

We stand on the shoulders of giants. And we owe it to those who came before us to find the answers and make sure no one hides the truth from us again.


Any thoughts??

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