Truth, vision, music

“Once the artist is free to explore, he can step into the music and discover things that have been hidden from us all…”


Keep your head UP!!


2 Responses to “Truth, vision, music”
  1. Kurt Sarrica says:

    Dear Ruffletheteacher,
    Re: Your comment on Dr. Paul LaViolette’s blog Stargate Sphinx:
    “Light speed is the limit, but according to Hawking, when a mass turned to energy on a galactic scale such as this event happens, in order to preserve the speed limit, time will adjust to allow the expansion of the energy and not break the laws of physics. We can observe super luminal speeds in other parts of the universe since we are not involved in that event. Due to our proximity, we are inside the sphere of influence so time is going to have an effect on us.
    Hawking has also said he believes time travel into the past would be impossible due to a sort of feedback loop that would be caused by quantum particles rushing into the opening of the (for lack of a better phrase) hole in time repeatedly.
    What are your thoughts on a change in the directional flow of time? Could we be seeing a reversal of time at GC? Is it an illusion or a reflection off of a ripple in the space time continuum? Is this a proof of some type, suggesting that a body of some type has been consumed causing an event?
    I believe that an event such as this would send shocks through time, both forward and backward. I also believe that we may find the human mind does transcend the concept of time and that time distortions have no effect on our ability to observe the world around us. The biggest negative effect on our minds from this type of realization would be the inability of some individual minds to accept the fact that time is a manufactured constraint.”

    As someone who has had many experiences of “precognition” it is fairly obvious to me that some form of “superluminal energy” or “tachyonic particles” are an intrinsic part of the physical Universe and Einstein’s “The speed of light is the speed limit of the Universe” creedo is as arbitrary as Ptolemy’s, “The Earth is the center of the Universe,” or Copernicus’ “The Sun is the center of the Universe.” All physical “laws” are founded on the best available knowledge at the time they are created, but when confronted with better observations, they will necessarily be adjusted. I believe that the coming galactic superwave is just such an occasion when an extraordinary event will precipitate a paradigm shift in what the “physical realities” are. I suspect that we are already being bombarded by “superluminal energies” and “tachyonic particles” from the galactic core explosion 23,000 years ago and they are the cause of anomolous events taking place on Earth, the Sun and the other planets. It is probably just a matter of months before the “speed-of-light” electromagnetic and gravitational energies of the “galactic superwave” catch up and the galactic core explosion becomes visible in the night sky as the infamous “Blue Kachina Star.” While I enthusiastically agree with Dr. LaViolette’s basic premise that the galactic core periodically explodes, causing apocalyptic events on Earth over the past ages, I am affraid he is still a bit self-limiting in his awareness of what is “really” going on. Considering how he snapped back at you on your comment, I do not dare post this opinion on his blog site. I have already managed to piss him off a few times recently.
    Must NOT “ruffle the teacher”!

    • An old friend told me professors and teachers will fight tooth and nail for their position. If they are proven wrong then they can no longer claim to profess the truth. I was shocked at Paul’s response, but some of my comments of late have not been to his liking and not been posted. Some in the same vein. His choosing to post that particular comment seems to suggest that maybe Padre’s prediction, that Dr LaViollette will find it easier to talk with mainstream scientists about his thoughts this summer, may have occured. It seems odd to be so anti-inquisitiveness in such public way without some reason. Especially when all he had to do was not post the comment.

      Thanks for you show of support! It’s rare for me to see here and good to know others feel the same.
      Keep your head UP!!

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