Sgr A* vs. G2- Coalescence At The Galactic Center

First, Dr. Gillessen of the MPE said in his last paper “even non-detections can be rewarding. And we encourage the reporting thereof.” As generous and gracious as he has been in his papers, this subtle statement makes me wonder if someone or some government agency has approached his team and attempted to stop reporting of… all of it? Courage and dedication to knowledge, even in the face of stiff resistance- humanity could have asked for no more than what he has delivered so far.

Dr. Paul LaViollette has concluded that if in fact G2 holds a star, it more than likely is a binary. If not a binary, a Jupiter sized planet is orbiting the star. If the binary or planet is not within 1 AU from the parent star, it will be stripped by Sgr A* and within a few weeks will come to a violent end. A cosmic ray volley seems all but certain. If we seek a cause for the mass extinctions 24,000 and 12,000 years ago and look at coalescence in the frame of the gamma ray burst model, the third piece of the model is due any time now.

Coalescence at the galactic center, as I concluded back in 2009, is now what we are about to witness. As a member of the Intentions Experiment, I discussed with others of similar views what we could do or expect. Many believed this energy would bring about a new conciseness via an evolution… A mutation within our DNA. An enlightenment. A wonderful and expected event brining about peace and harmony… A new view. “No need to worry, this is the event to change humanity for the better.” Well…. Yes. Mutations are going to occur. They’ve already started. Gamma ray and X-ray radiation will mutate any living creature. It is worrying that so many people are willing to open their arms and embrace this event without any shielding or protection, as if this was a galactic hug from our momma.

Any one know why the voice of god cannot be heard by man?

It would destroy our fragile bodies.

I do believe this event will change mankind for the better. Via a grand evolution of our DNA from the galactic vibrations? No. It has been said that humans only learn from pain and sadness. Loss is the teacher and if we are only happy, having all we need and no need to work, we become fat and lazy. I do not believe that whole heartedly, but no doubt hard work and sacrifice can lead to an enlightenment. It can make one humble, and lead to a view that would not have been possible before.

As events unfold, as weather becomes more violent, as people we know personally start to die from diseases that only a few years ago were treatable, and the stars in the sky change as never before, we will all start to see that the old way of thinking is wrong. Self is only part of the whole. We have a part to play in a larger system, and if we turn our back on it, the whole may die. If the whole dies, then there is no way the self can survive.

This is truly the dawn of a New World Order. And we must remember who is the leader…. The whole. Not the individual. For the people and by the people. It is not a national pride, but a declaration of individual independence for every human. ALL Men are created EQUAL. And we all shall have the chance, should we decide to take it, to lead. Right around the corner is our calling. Just look for the sign. The enlightenment of the gods.

Keep you head up.

2 Responses to “Sgr A* vs. G2- Coalescence At The Galactic Center”
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