Baked Alaska! NWS in Fairbanks Summary

Below is the recap for the final week of October, 2013, from the National Weather Service office in Fairbanks, AK. You can follow along at home by going to their website

900 AM AKST MON NOV 4 2013


OBSERVED LAST WEEK…10/27/2013 TO 11/02/2013

                                   OBSERVED   NORMAL   DEPARTURE
AVG MAX TEMP (F)             36.3     19.9        16.4
AVG MIN TEMP (F)             24.7      4.7        20.0
AVG TEMP (F)                      30.5     12.3        18.2
TOTAL PRECIP (IN)            0.29     0.16        0.13
TOTAL SNOWFALL (IN)           0.6      3.0        -2.4

NORMALS FOR THIS WEEK…11/03/2013 TO 11/09/2013

AVG MAX TEMP (F)             15.0
AVG MIN TEMP(F)              -0.9
AVG TEMP (F)                      7.1
TOTAL PRECIP (IN)            0.16
TOTAL SNOW (IN)               3.0


Last year, An oddity occured for a good month or so in Fairbanks. One week it would be 10 to 20 degrees BELOW average, then the next week it would be 10 degrees ABOVE average. When it was all said an done, even for AK it was a coold winter with sea ice extending further and faster than had been seen in three decades!

Global warming? Hmmmm…… Climate change? Oh yeah! But from the hand of man? I doubt it. I don’t deny the change, I believe the presumed cause is wrong.

Did CO2 from my SUV cause the Jovian Climate to change?… or the Martian Climate to change?….or any of the other planets here in the Solar System for that matter?

Since we are helpless to stop it, please sit back and enjoy the show… and never forget the things you see here today. These events happen once every-other lifetime!

Keep your head UP!!


Any thoughts??

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