‘The Sun Disease’ aka Quantum Energy’s Effect on Our Monkey Minds

Hot and bothered: Climate change amplifies violence, study says
John Roach, NBC News Facebook
Science / AAAS


This file photo shows a temple in the Kingdom of Tikal, one of the most prominent of the Classic Maya Period. New research links climate change to violence and the collapse of civilizations including the Maya. As the planet’s climate changes, humans everywhere should brace for a spike in violence, a new study suggests. Civilization as we know it may even be at risk.

The dramatic finding comes from a synthesis of several dozen studies that examine the relationship between climate and conflict. The studies cover most regions of the world and points in time over the past 10,000 years. Across all, the findings are consistent: changes in temperature or rainfall amplify violence.

“As long as future populations continue to respond to climatic events the same way … we should probably expect an amplification of interpersonal and intergroup conflict moving forward,” Solomon Hsiang, a public policy researcher at the University of California, Berkeley, told NBC News.”

This changing world… Our planet that is, for us, so simple to understand due to our having been born from it, is only now being understood fully. Example- It’s getting hotter…. Must be the Sun heating us up. Yes… Well, sort of. Of the multiple layers of energy transmitted by Sol, the ones we have had no concept of in the past are the ones responsible for the warming/cooling. Turns out subatomic particles, cosmic rays/electrons/muons from within our galaxy, are the real players. They control cloud production. More clouds, cooler weather…. Less clouds, warmer weather.

When our star is energetic, producing spots, its magnetic shield blasts away cosmic rays… Warm and pleasant. When the Sun is tired and less spotty, more cosmic rays can influence our terrestrial atmosphere… Cooler times. And when our Sun falls asleep, as it did just 300 years ago, we see the advancement of glacial activity, aka an Ice Age.

No doubt, physical matter plays a role in solar activity. Interstellar dust penetrating into our solar system would dull the sun’s energy, like throwing damp leaves on to a roaring fire. But seeing how many different layers of energy come from the Sun, those same energies coming from another source would affect Sol in a similar, if not inverse, manner. Think about what happens when you put a magnet next to a TV.

As the above article suggests, being thirsty and hot can piss you off quite a bit! But to suggest that is the driver behind the fall of civilizations is misleading. Earlier this summer when Philadelphia had its first stretch of really hot weather, the NWS issued a heat advisory with an advisement for people to be calm and patient since hot weather can make tempers flare.

They failed to advise the people that the UV Index was going to be 9 or 10 on a scale of 0 to 16. And extreme exposure level causing skin damage in less than 10 minutes.

These ultraviolet radiations have an effect within our bodies. Electromagnetic radiation, UV radiation, loss of our ozone layer and weakening of our magnetosphere…. All of these things couple together and make our minds go into a primal survival mode. Our bodies know that the extra energy being absorbed is deadly! Fight or flight… Since I cannot outrun rush hour traffic, I’ll just beat the hell out of the jackass who cut me off.

These changes may have contributed to the fall of civilizations, but they did not cause them. What ultimately caused the fall of great civilization was the leadership. These changes were foreseen by the leaders and, while attempting to avert collapse by censoring information… Pacifying the people… They left 4 or 5 people in charge of finding solutions. Brains effected and panicked, the Maya leaders decided that human sacrifices, removing the still-beating heart of healthy citizens, then throwing the mutilated corpses into the potable water supply was the best course of action!

Now, how long do you think it will take the majority party in the House of Representatives to come to that same conclusion?

When humanity is freed from the lies and deception… When we are informed and advised, given a set of options, and begin to deal with the situation at hand, more voices will always be a good thing. Good faith arguments for the benefit of all is the only way.

Lest we forget those who’ve been sacrificed already.
Stand strong!

Keep your head UP!

One Response to “‘The Sun Disease’ aka Quantum Energy’s Effect on Our Monkey Minds”
  1. I must give credit for the phrase ‘The Sun Disease’ to Clif High, the “Webbot” guy. His mention of our monkey minds is also an inspiration of mine.
    See his site and buy his product at halfpasthuman.com

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