CME To Cause Nationwide Powerfailure?

Could the en-route pair of powerful Coronal Mass Ejections, due to impact our planet on June 16, be the one? (One, because they have COMBINED into one mass storm!)

This is the projected path, found on and created by the men and women at GSFC-

Note how two blasts combine to form one big headache

As we approach predicted Solar Maximum in early 2013, should we all be prepared for another “Carrington Event”?

The Carrington Event occurred in August-September, 1859, and was the first solar storm directly observed. It caused the Northern Lights to be seen in Hawaii and Cuba. It also electrified telegraph lines, shocking technicians. If the event happened today, major telecommunications ON EARTH could be zapped. Anything not shielded by a Faraday Cage would be damaged. Files lost, computers destroyed, cell phones dead…. but that would not matter, because the cell towers would all be fried as well.

As individuals, we should be concerned and prepared for any natural disaster! As much info as possible makes us all ready. But what about our government?

Below are images found on NASA’s site-

In a “Carrington Event” situation, these cities would be without power for as long as it would take to build a new generator.

This is DHS’s assessment of what is at stake if collapse of the electrical grid and/or telecommunications grid would occur

So, if all of this is so fragile and interconnected, then FEMA and DHS should have a very comprehensive and robust plan in the event our nation were to lose vital infrastructure, right? To prevent loss of life due to riots and/or terrorism in the powerless cities from coast to coast.

Well, you would think! has a list of natural disasters and a plan for each of them. And, newly added to the site, is “Space Weather”.

It’s no more than a couple of paragraphs. The big point everyone needs to know?-

Don’t eat food that has not been refrigerated longer than 48 hours.

As far as one can see by searching FEMA’s website, DHS’s website, or any other emergency management site provided by the United States Government, in the event of a loss of electricity that could last on the order of months, without communications farther than one can see smoke signals, and no electronic funds available (let alone medical history or prescription data, welfare WIC food stamps, etc…) all of this caused by a CME from the Sun, the UNITED STATES FEDERAL GOVERNMENT WANTS YOU TO KNOW….

Don’t eat that old sushi in the frig. It might have gone bad.

Don’t buy it? has a couple of things you can read about the Carrington Event and what could happen.,, are all available for you to use and gather information to keep your family safe. So long as you have no use for things like the internet or cell phones, or electricity… or showers and flushing toilets!

Keep your head UP!!


Any thoughts??

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