Coronal Mass Ejection Kills 4 In Southern United States

Impact from a CME causes a rare January sever weather outbreak in the Southern United States. At posting, 2 confirmed people dead and 2 unconfirmed.

The news of the CME leaving the Sun was reported 3 days prior to impact here on Earth…. 3 DAYS WARNING. yet sever weather was forecasted only 6 to 12 HOURS before the tornadoes tore through Arkansas.

according to Goddard Space Flight Center, a CME, class M9 (almost an x-class flare) is en-route now. Impact expected January 24 at 14:18 UTC (+/- 7 hours).

Having this kind of time to warn of the incoming flare and the tornado outbreak that will follow, why would the NWS not release a general alert? Something like-

We expect a 100% chance of tornadoes and severe weather on January 24-25, 2012. All persons within the United States should be aware and prepared on these dates and put in place their preparedness plans.”

If they are right, how many lives would be saved? If they are wrong, it is time to explain that they are attempting to expand their ability to forecast extreme weather events, and this is why they made the warning.

“A Weather Ready Nation” is the motto of the NWS. Education of what is causing our weather will enable all to be prepared and save countless lives.

Below- Images of the incoming CME, due here on january 24, 2012- Image 1 from GSFC. Image 2 from SDO.


Any thoughts??

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