Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) Causes Tornado Outbreak

The impact of an Earth directed CME on January 22, 2012, has sparked a sever weather outbreak across the southern United States. The NWS has issued a PDS statement and, as of posting, at least one person has been trapped inside their home due to a fallen tree.

The CME compressed Earth’s magnetosphere and exposed Geosync satillites to Solar winds. These satillites orbit at 25,000 miles above the Earth’s surface.

Below: NICT Magnetosphere Simulation from 2012/01/23

11 Responses to “Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) Causes Tornado Outbreak”
  1. Veronica Roach says:

    hi – I am in here via ‘Electric Universe’ blogs, and your ideas are right on target with their base philosophy – please read : – very interesting stuff !
    Also the world of science has been showing itself for what it really is over the past year or 2 – very much a protected area of money and influence and the great lengths they will go to to keep their hold on the status quo – you are just another example of a scientist trying to do the right thing –
    good luck and keep on trying – the world is now watching – you are no longer alone thanks to the internet !!!

  2. jeff hansen says:

    I linked the two events and googled it and found this website. I can think of no other explanation nor a more plausible scenerio than what Ruffletheteacher is asserting.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I could go on and on with you about this, but all you bring us are a dane scientist with alot of theory, but no real hard facts. The man made global warming theory is in jeopardy right now due to alot of false documentation etc and that is what this is really about,man made global warmng. But so far ,still, you cannot prove that these CME’s have caused those specific tornado events, there are no scientific models you have shown, nothing except a theory, an unproven one that is still debatable

    I can respect theory, but be able to back it up with some hard facts with a statement like that.
    Even with putting hard facts out there, back it up with the theory

    And as far as me contacting the NWS, how is one supposed to learn anything, just take a one side view? You should always question. You should never just allow yourself to be taken in by anyone. That is one thing a teacher is supposed to teach as well.
    Ive been seasoned enough in life to know you cant trust anyone that has a propaganda, left or right.
    That goes for my science as well

    Maybe if you want to reach your viewers a little better, you should explain your theory instead of just throwing it out there for people to be like ..omg, were going to be crispy critters, but then again, its all propaganda, fear will control the people

    • I’ve got 3 terrabytes of data. So, quick is not gonna happen!
      I got tired of people dying when it should not happen, so I posted some shock and awe to grab some attention. A Doctor and a Danish Prof. A physicist who is conducting experiments at CERN in a cloud chamber. Man makes lightning in a box with synthetic atmosphere and electricity, and you call him a scientist? Doc Brown was a scientist. this man is re-writing science.

      And, Ruffle The Teacher is not a noun…. It is a verb.

      Thanks for your comments. I hope to have some better data up soon. Until then, Keep your head up!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    So why hasnt any other solar flare triggered a tornado outbreak in the past? Where do you get your facts for this stunning discovery you have made?

    • The problem is no one else has presented this until this Solar max. It was thought possible last max… well, both peaks, but by the time instruments were in place, we fell into the lowest solar activity in half a century.
      Now, each Earth directed flare since December 2009 has caused a major weather outbreak of one kind or another. The Blizzards of 2010/2011, the March and April 2011 Tornado outbreaks, the erratic hurricane season…. when monitoring both the space weather and atmospheric weather, a connection can be made.
      The facts are in the data. I have archived the solar winds stream, the IMF, the sat images and the SST for the past year and will present a series of videos showing the interaction between these events.
      The connection in cause and effect is striking. The link between subatomic particles (aka Quantum Physics) and our water cycle firmly establishes the fact that both our Sun and the muons from intra-galactic events shape and change our weather/climate.
      I have established this blog to present this fact. It is no longer an idea to be debated, but knowledge that must be made known to everyone.

      • Anonymous says:

        I still dont see your facts posted here at all, you drank the koolaid and are spreading it. I talked with NWS this morning and have recieved their response stating there is no relation between earth weather and space weather.
        Here is their short but sweet response:

        Glad to hear everything is fine.

        No — there is no evidence to suggest that coronal mass ejections (CMEs) are associated with or cause tornadoes.


        Ed Townsend
        NWS Meteorologist

        If you care to debate NWS, go right ahead as you have stated they should be educating the US or even the world. You are spreading a lie and should be exposed by your own data. What are your credentials? Please share this data now

        If you are bold enough to state this ridiculas statement to the world, you should be able to defend it.

        You should know in solar physics, you are going to be deeply critisized for any teaching.

        Please show your facts or this is just a waste of any viewer of this blogs time

      • Wow… you contacted the NWS?? Awesome! Good for you!
        As I have not put together the vids I mentioned yet, I’ll make a short but sweet reply.
        The work of Dr. Henrik Svensmark has shown that the interaction between muons and SO2 cloud nuclei are the main producer of clouds. Yes, yes… temp changes, winds, etc are also part and parcel. But, the age old question that seems to puzzle most is “why does one thunderstorm produce a tornado and another does not?”.

        The lifting of the atmosphere due to impacts from charged particles in solar flares… like static electricity only much more complex… moves massive amounts of water vapor. As they fall, they are swept along the geomagnetic field lines. Larger quantities produce larger amounts of activity. When the conditions are ripe, these swirls of charged particles will produce the rolling and lifting and, with the help of temperature and winds, combine to make a supercell and tornado. Or, if over the ocean, the result will be a hurricane.

        Without the charged particles interacting with the geomagnetic field lines, you get rain. When you add stellar particles, you get gamma ray producing lightning, 9 mile high anvils, hail the size of grapefruit, and geomagnetic induced swirls within the clouds.

        “…there is no evidence to suggest that coronal mass ejections (CMEs) are associated with or cause tornadoes.” Beg to differ. The NWS fails to take into account the papers produced by Prof. Svensmark and his team. Until they add the solar wind and IMF data into their forecasting models, they will be in the dark as to where and when a tornado will occure. And will not be able to save lives.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Load of crap.. The swpc predicted chance of tornados 3 days in advance for that area. Where are your facts??!?

    • “The swpc predicted chance of tornados 3 days in advance…”
      Ummm…. NWS and NOAA predict weather, Not the Space Weather Prediction Center.
      And second… you believe the SWPC should be predicting sever weather? Sweet!! You agree!!

  6. The NWS must educate the public about the connection between space weather and sever weather now in order to save lives in the future! The causes of extreme weather events like the one that destroyed Joplin, MO, come from our Sun. And, the causes that do not come from our Sun must be understood, too.

    Electromagnetic fields capturing charged particles from our Sun and beyond cause weather changes, and possibly climate changes.

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