Geomagnetic Storm Strikes Earth- Expect Thunderstorms and Wild Weather Soon

Earth’s magnetosphere (simulation) from the NICT on 2011/11/22


A Geomagnetic storm is currently raging, causing our magnetosphere to, at first, compress, then expand as the shockwave pass our planet. this, as the solar activity is in a ‘lull’. Sunspot count is at 101 and flares have been all directed away from Earth.
On the far side of the Sun, spot counts have shot up between the 20th and 21st. Observations suggests that after seeing spots flare up on the far side, Earthside will see an increase in activity with the next couple days.
One could expect to see a shift in the blocking patterns of our atmosphere and a shift in the MJO as well as the AO.
TRANSLATION= UK and North Atlantic…. Winter is on its way!!

Any thoughts??

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