Sunspot Number Falls to 30, Climbs to 84

A "Train" of sunspots. Image found on


After the Sun’s dramatic fall to zero and subsequent climb to 90, a peak of 127 was seen on 7/19/2011. Eight days later, the count bottomed out at 30. Last night and this morning, the Sunspot number stands at 84.

IF the pattern holds, we will see a return to low twenties in around 7 days. Looking at the recent history of the number, there seems to be multiple “waves” of peaks and troughs. Three, to be exact. The main wave bottoms out every ninth night.

All I can do is observe! Just as everyone else who studies the Sun can do now. As the energy starts to fizzle, we are going to learn much about what makes the Sun tick. As we start to learn what drives the Solar Cycle I can’t help but think of the old blessing/curse-

“May you live in interesting times!”


Any thoughts??

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