FEWW Claims Censorship From WordPress

A couple of days ago, Fire-Earth’s blog was hacked, according to the author, by WordPress and key information was deleted from past postings. The postings on FEWW are informative and quite passionate, and could easily piss off anyone who makes money attempting to hide some of the big truths from the public.

Though I have, from time to time, seen things differently and made conclusions that are opposite to FEWW’s conclusions… and have been banned from commenting on FEWW’s site more than once… I hate censorship. Anyone should have the right to say what they feel or think in an open manner regardless what is said. In an open and honest debate of the facts, the truth will be found. The lies and misleading information stand out in an open environment. Even if someone constantly posts comments that are obviously wrong and misleading, people will see them as such when compared to everything else.

If we are to find the truth, we must be allowed to find what is not the truth. It will reinforce the truth and help us to get the story straight, so we will know. And this is why FEWW has banned me from comments. He, himself, is guilty of censorship. He has continually blocked and banned my comments and does not allow open and honest debates of the facts he presents. If you do not agree with the-world-according-to-FEWW mentality, then you can go to hell!

I think that is narrow-minded and arrogant. I believe he is wrong on many facts. And sometimes it seems as if he is deliberately misleading people.

Still, the amount of fact that is dead right, and the wealth of information posted daily is important and should continue to flow. I support FEWW and his right to post. WordPress, if guilty as suspected, should keep their hands off of the expression of others, allow for the freedom of the press, and stand firm when confronted by others who would seek keep information in the dark.

Those on the side of truth will prevail. In the end, those who attempt to hide the truth will fall. And it will resemble Mussolini in Italy when he fell- pitchforks, torches, and a severed head or two.

Keep your HEAD up!!


Any thoughts??

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