‘Civilization and Freemasonry’ as found in the “Encyclopaedia of Freemasonry”

First published in 1878, The Encyclopaedia of Freemasonry, written by Albert G. Mackey, gives definition to an otherwise undefined group and their practices. Written in a time where the evils of both World Wars had not tarnished the vision of the author, he presents the beliefs and history of Masonry up to that point. Including the history of German and Russian Masons. He, himself, says that the practice of masonry is a word of mouth organization and the trials and secret knowledge of the establishment are not written down so the uninitiated would not find the knowledge. I wonder how this text was received when it was first published?


Under the title of “Civilization and Freemasonry” we find the beliefs of Freemasons and how their establishment finds its current footing within the Christian Bible. Allegorical meanings within these writings holds the truths. And the destruction of the people to worship their gods in their own way seems to be a planned vision of how the masses should be handled.


Following is text from the encyclopaedia-


Those who investigate in the proper spirit the history of Speculative Masonry will be strongly impressed with the peculiar relations that exist between the history of Masonry and that of civilization. They will find these facts to be patent: that Freemasonry has never been the result of civilization; that in the most ancient times the spirit of Masonry and civilization have always gone together; that the progress of both has been with equal strides; that where there has been no appearance of civilization there has been no trace of Masonry; and, finally, that wherever Masonry has existed in any of its forms, there it has been surrounded and sustained by civilization, which social condition it in turn elevated and purified.


Speculative masonry, therefore, seems to have been a necessary result of civilization. it is, even in its primitive and most simple forms, to be found among no barbarous or savage people. Such a state of society has never been capable of introducing or maintaining its abstract principles of Divine Truth.


…The civilization of the ancient world was inferior to that of the modern, and every century shows an advancement in the moral, intellectual, and social condition of mankind. But in this progress from imperfection to perfection the influence of those speculative systems that are identical with Freemasonry has always been seen and felt.


Let us look, for an example, at the ancient heathen world and its impure religions. While the people of Paganism bowed, in their ignorance, to a many-headed god, or, rather, worshiped at the shrines of many gods, whose mythological history and character must have exercised a pernicious effect on the moral purity of their worshipers, Speculative Philosophy, in the form of the “Ancient Mysteries,” was exercising its influence upon a large class of neophytes and disciples, by giving this true symbolic interpretation of the old religious myths.


In the adyta of their temples in Greece and Rome and Egypt, in the sacred caves of india, and in the consecrated grooves of Scandinavia and Gaul and Britain, these ancient sages were secretly divesting the Pagan faith of its polytheism and of its anthropomorphic deities, and were establishing a pure monotheism in its place, and illustrating, by a peculiar symbolism, the great dogmas-since taught in Freemasonry- of the unity of God and the immortality of the soul.


The entry goes on to tout the saving grace of Masonry and how it has helped to see the bitterness and blood-guiltiness of war oftentimes obliterated. I’ll extend some credit to the author, who, if he had lived another 100 years, would probably opted for that line to be removed.


So… there it is in a nut shell. The Pagan belief structure that entrusts truth and strength in the followers of the Gods, was destroyed and the people beaten down by a faulty god and its teachings of servitude, sacrifice, and blind-faith.


Odin fought with honor for truth. He sacrificed all he had, he gave one of his eyes…. he died and then came back in order to gain knowledge that he passed on to the men of Midgard (Earth). To share in the triumphs and glory of the Gods, almost as equals, if not, with due respect from them if you served and worshiped honestly, made the knowledge of this religion personal. It gave to its people strength and unity. Self-preservation and self-supporting unity.


Then, jesus said, I am they way and the light. Be humble, and on bended knee, give to me 10% of your earnings, don’t work on the sabbath, don’t question me, don’t kill to defend yourself, don’t steal to feed your family… just put your faith in me and it will be done. Just believe and you’ll have the key to the kingdom. Don’t worship any other god before me or I’ll have you sent to the fiery blazes and tortured for eternity by a big red man with a forked tail and you’ll scream for ever. Now, about that money thing…


So sayeth the lord, who was created in the Freemasons’ image, to take away your ability to think for yourself….



May the ancient ways come back to their former strengths, and may knowledge spill upon the men of Midgard once again. For knowledge will keep us ALL free.

Even those who have been brainwashed for 2000 years.


Any thoughts??

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