Wikileaks, ‘9/11 tragedy pager intercepts’

The following is an email I sent to the editor at the Wikileaks site. I had been mulling over if I should or should not send this data. But I waited for a reply from leaders in the government and it seems silence is the same as non-confirmation. No, I’m sorry. That is not good enough. You left the ball in my court, and I’ll err on the side of freedom of information. As I’ve said before, I will NOT give up my freedom for safety. And freedom of information is the one thing that will keep us all free. Spread this information to anyone and everyone who owns a computer, has seen a computer, has seen a computer commercial on TV, or swears by their Apple II still to this day.

Once the ENTIRE PLANET understands what is in this message, we will be able to begin the drawdown of wars. We will be able to stop the insanity. We will all know peace, for we will all know the truth.

god speed.

“To whom it may concern:

As I have been researching for three years now the events of and surrounding the tragedy on September 11, 2001, I have found many things that could be looked at as merely trivial. Many documents that, if written in 1999 or 2000, would be more uninteresting than exciting. Good ideas that should be looked at and could be relevent if…

If… that is the open-ended argument. The catch-all for every point made by someone who thinks this or knows that. “Well, IF that is the case, why would they release that information?” “IF you know it, then it is not that important.” If only someone would listen. Then we would know all the facts.

My point in writing this is the discovery of the “9/11 tragedy pager intercepts” in mid June 2010. I was not looking at the 9/11 tragedy and have not been in quite some time since I believe that it was not all that it appeared to be, so I was not allowing myself to be sucked into the endless debates and seemingly pointless research. Since there will be no reviews or hearings, then we should focus on the “Why?” and not the “How?” or “Who?” and that is what I was doing. But I never seem to stray more than 7 steps away from 9/11…

I was researching astrophysical and solar data from the morning of September 11, 2001. In the early hours of 9/11, an ‘event’ happened. Source? Not quite sure. But the size and scope of the event is enough to say that it did not come from here or our Sun. As posted in the MPEC report from that morning, this event was large enough to move thousands of minor planets (aka asteroids) and change their orbital data. The event was seen in the GEOS weather satellite images of Category 5 hurricane Erin that was off the Eastern Seaboard the morning of 9/11. And, looking at archival images of the Sun that morning, we can see the ‘event’ impacted Earth, THEN effected the Sun moments later, as a massive solar flare is released from the southern hemisphere.

All of this happened at 04:06 UTC… 12:06 Eastern.

As I did a search for the exact time stamp found on one set of x-ray data from the GEOS satellites, I was shocked to see a search come up for this Wikileak. As I started into it, it became clear that it was not a mistake. Though it joins the confusion ‘already in progress’, the overall feel of the messages being shot back and forth is panic and confusion. Systems down and loss of vital data bases. As I started into the first set of data transmitted, I was in awe. I found a smoking gun for the motives of this horrible event that would happen just a few hours later. And then, at 03:48:05 the phrase that tells what it is that we can clearly see happening….

“…ICMP Smurf Attack…”

I had no clue what the hell a Smurf Attack was. So, I Googled it. And… When you know something is not quite right and you cannot prove it one way or the other, it is a comfort of sorts. “I may be wrong!” “I am not 100% right.” Once I knew what a Smurf Attack was, I instantly knew I was right. I knew all of the data I had been combing through was right. And I had now proven that all of the terror, the 2 wars, the 5,000 men and women who died, the trillions of dollars over a decade of distrust, all started at 12:06 Eastern. Long before Flight 93 was Flight 93. Long before Muhammad Atta had gone to bed on the night of the 10th.

An astrophysical event that effected computers in the DoD, the Pentagon and many other official offices was perceived to be an ‘attack’ by a foreign entity. Caught unprepared to deal with this, the simulations and preparedness training that was scheduled to take place later that morning under the direction of the USACOM was moved into full operation in order to move ahead the agenda of national security. Translation: At some point after 12:06 am eastern on 9/11/2001, the United States of America was under Martial Law and the President was no longer calling the shots.

As I have only been looking at this a short time, I have only read line-by-line the first hour of transmissions. I will continue to read untill I find the key line that gives the order. I believe it is there, I one has to do is look. But below I will give a few pieces of evidence taken directly from the wikileak and you can see where the mindset of those people were that morning.

I do not know what will happen from here. I have attempted to contact the Speaker of the House. I emailed the White House. I do not know if this message will see the light of day. I hope that it does and truths can be found before it is too late. But the stars aligned early that morning, and the world changed as our star shone on our side of the rock. As hopeless a wish it is, and I know that every one of us who has delved into the abyss that is 9/11 truth research has made this wish, I wish we could go and turn our rock back, so that it will never be anything other than September the tenth.

Keep your Head Up.

Publius, the American Patriot

-Critical Data Points-

@03:22:35- “Down(SS) Germany Firewall (Satyr-de)failed”

04:03:36- “We have just been informed that Customs has gone manual as of 2:50AM”

03:44:50- “CICS is causing buffer loss on japan System”

03:51:08- “overall CPU overloaded”

03:51:33- “‘Notify System Programmer!!!’ ussa11.SSMC”

03:51:50- “SAM17 Safety net down”

03:51:53- “NSALERT2 Dur: 1.149 HR(s)”

04:01:39- “LAC Circuit Down!!!”

04:25:41- “Frm: Richard Dong Sub: Network failure Txt: Obviously, there are several network failure since 2:10 am. this 2nd time we had network failure for the past few days. We have not been experienced similar”

List of Countries Effected-

Germany, Japan, italy, France, Spain, Canada

-List of Companies Effected- 

BOA, BONY, Us Customs, Prudential, Fed Ex, JP Morgan, Dow Chemical, NBC, Bristol Regional Medical Center

-Groups Working on Problem-

linux, World Com, Cisco, Spectrum, Sprint, Sun Microsystems, ATnT, Oracle, Cerner”

Now that you know the truth…. what are you gonna do with it?

7 Responses to “Wikileaks, ‘9/11 tragedy pager intercepts’”
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  2. Today, President Obama suggested we all think about why the prisoners in Gitmo are still there. Why they are starving themselves in protest. Over 100 are on a hunger strike, 20 of them are being fed through a tube! Instead of letting them die, we fed them through a tube… To avoid a murder charge?!!
    In pediatrics, when parents beat their children to the brink of death, they will tell the doctors to everything to save their baby! We cannot stand to see him go!… Because if the child lives, the parents cannot be charged with murder.
    Yes, we must remember why they are there. The United States lost the ability to defend itself via Surface to Air Missile Safety Network sometime in the early hours of Tuesday, September 11, 2001, between 12:00 am and 3:00 am eastern. An event, seen by DoD and others as a cybor terrorist attack, was used as motive to move our country into a war.
    Either the upper echelon of the United States military was ignorant and not aware that astrophysical phenomena could cause such events, or they were intentionally blind to facts and forced their warmongering down the throats of the Nation, and eventually the world…. For our own good….

    “Time to take your meds.”

    Dear Mr. President, if you wish us to remember why those people are in Gitmo, we shall. And we shall not forget that you are the one who called us to action.
    never forget.
    9/11 was an inside job.

    “We must stand together, or we will surely hang separately.”
    Mr. President… Please be careful of where you stand.

  3. The operation was given the green light just before 0500 on 9/11/2011. In all of the communications there are computer systems crashing and CPU overloads and confusion… then suddenly, standing out like a rose in a wheatfield-

    @ 04:54:30
    “Take your Meds.”

    Then, @ 04:54:30/04:54:31 on a different communications line:
    “Time”…..”to take your medication.”

    Obviously systems and LAN lines are falling, people are unable to do the simplest of tasks… like run morning reports or even log on to their computers… so it would be a natural to see a communication like the following, only 6 minutes into the covert operation:

    @ 05:01:32
    “jlwindh 75925-321- Pharmacy team having issues with PBX conversion. Requesting asst. Please call. Jimmie Sent at 04:01”

    Salt in the wound anyone?

    • Suhana says:

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    • Please teach the rest of these internet hooligans how to write and research!

    • I’ve been looking for a post like this forever (and a day)

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