Earth’s Weather Is Caused By Space Weather.

Point blank, simple, and complete. Muons (subatomic particles) entering our atmosphere penetrate deeper than any of the other cosmic rays due to their larger mass. When these quantum particles strike an SO2 molecule, they pass a charge and make cloud formation possible. SO2 provides nucleation sites for water to condense and… viola. Clouds, and then rain, and if the volume of cosmic rays is large enough… thunderstorms/ severe weather.

Proof? You think I’m full of it? Well, compare these images-

Geomagnetic lines found on the USGS GEOMAG monitoring site.

Water vapor image taken on 07/15/11. From NESDIS

Water vapor image taken on 7/15/2011.

This is why training happens with thunderstorms. One after another after another…. because the charges follow a magnetic field line and when that field line stays predominately in one spot, with the same amount of attraction for an extended period of time, highly charged subatomic particles will follow these lines.

For more information on the science behind cloud formation due to cosmic rays, read any of the papers or books by Dr. Henrik Svensmark.

Charged particles interacting with the atmosphere on 7/14/2011


Any thoughts??

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