CME was weak, but sparks thunderstorms coast to coast

Sunspot count= 62 @ 0429. Dropped from 72 yesterday. If the pattern holds, should be on its way down to a bottom of 30 in the next 6 days.

Planetary Kp= Max 3 last 24 hrs

In the middle of a magnetic storm according to NICT Sim-

Magnetosphere Simulation form 07/13/11 @ 0459. From NICT.

Large volume of earthquakes from South Pacific through Alaska. A 5.1 M in central America, pacific side.

Iceland is still shakin’, but Katla is not smokin’. GOOD!! that beast can sleep as long as she likes!

The expansion of clouds in the Americas continues to be interesting-

GEOS East image on 7/13/11 @ 0245. From NESDIS.

But the best shot is of the current Pacific Typhoon-

MTSAT image of the Pacific Ocean on 7/13/11 @ 0332.


Any thoughts??

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