To do list/ Shopping List/ Get-it-now-before-it-goes-extinct list/ Do-this-if-you-want-to-live list.

As I believe we are on the verge of the point of no return… the point where if you have not started, then you are not gonna have enough time to finish so you’d better move to a tropical island off the coast of Mexico and drink fruity drinks out of a coconut with some chick in a grass skirt….

Yes, I do have a point. Let me keep my happy daydreams, please!


When the initial event took place some 25,774 years ago, those who survived took an oath to ensure the lessons learned and the knowledge gained would be passed down to those who would need it the most. A group of people went to each and every continent with a copy of the collection of accumulated knowledge and started a new way of life. And passed this information down to each generation that came next and made sure that everyone knew what was needed so that it would never fade from this Earth.


Now that we have reached that point where this information is required to make the transition passed the singularity, we must heed that ancient knowledge and pair it with what we have learned. We must accept truths that are against our core beliefs. We must set aside things that are not in the interest of the whole in order to ensure the survival of humanity at least. But we must fight to make our ancestors proud and bring to life their ultimate dream…. that humanity understands fully what is coming and what is going on, and is able to transition seamlessly passed this time. No loss of knowledge. No ‘back to the stone age’ mentality!


Everyone MUST know! It was the original plan! Those on the side of truth will prevail! If 6 Billion people know, then the odds are better that humanity will make this transition. If tens of people know, well…. Odds are very good that we will survive only to be re-enslaved by the leaders who have the knowledge. Humanity has traded the yolk of slavery for the freedom of self-rule and should NOT go back! It is an old American line, but it is so fitting of these times that we must apply it to humanity world-wide….


Live Free or Die!!



The following is THE list of things you must get/do/prepare for Inorder to THRIVE…

Humanity must THRIVE on the other side of the events to come!

And this is how you do it-


Food and water

All in one pancake mixes

Water- bottles, a well, purification tablets

Daily multi vitamin supplements (well… the ones that won’t kill you, anyhow.)

Vitamin C

Vitamin D

Omega 3 fish oil




First Aid kit

DIY surgery kit (Hey… it’s either you or they guy two caves over without an arm)

COLD WEATHER GEAR- Mummy bag (-40 degree rating or better)

long undies

wool socks

waterproof boots (two or more pairs)

a good knife

flint and stone

strike anywhere matches

epsom salts

rope (many lengths and sizes)

anything you use now on a daily basis… and double it.

books and music (sometimes quality of life is more important than quantity of life)


light bulbs

anything that is not energy efficient… TRASH! Make the change now so you can power it with potatoes in three years.




The name of the game is ‘Radiation Shielding’. 3 cm lead equivalent is the minimum.

Geothermal heating and cooling (well… heating at least)

Solar, wind, steam, methane, bicycle, horse, giraffe (for our friends in Africa) generated electricity.

THIS is the key to any survival. With electricity anything is possible. Storage of foods, storage of knowledge, communications, defense, personal comfort, light. If you don’t have to spend all day taking care of these things, then you can spend your day learning or sharing your knowledge with younger people who will need to learn!

Strong defense systems (aka BIG F’ING DOORS! and shotguns or clubs or armies of the un-dead)

Make your current house all it can be. But don’t be too attached to it, as it may become washed away in a flood of some type.

Altitude above sea level must be as high as possible!! (Aim for 1000 feet above sea level. Do Not live below 400 feet.)


Learn all you can now about everything survival oriented. Fire building, cooking, first aid, cloths making, canning, dehydration, thermodynamics, electrical theory, DIY gunpowder… Knowledge will keep humanity free! And it will keep you alive.


I hope to add more soon. Please add, too, if you have an idea.

Keep your head up!!


Any thoughts??

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