Theory of CIA mind control and the Disarming of the Baby Boom Generation

The human mind can be imprinted in a very powerful way when a tragic event takes place. It can shape one’s entire life due to your actions based on that one event. Take for example sexual abuse. An event that lasts (in some cases) for a matter of minutes, but is as real and fresh in that person’s head for all of their life, as if the abuse happened yesterday.

Years of therapy and just years of distance can make it easier to deal with. Slowly one can trust humanity again to the point of being able to rejoin the race. But the mind being so stubborn and powerful… a smell, a phrase, a simple and unknown set of events can set off a response that is always going to shape your decision-making process.

You can predict what someone’s course of action will be based on what experiences one has dealt with.

The CIA started dealing in the area of mind control in the 1950s when the Shaw of Iran was overthrown and a US backed leader was installed. The idea of a war was expensive and the people of the US were not ready to deal with more war. The idea was presented that with the right placement of anger, ideas, and monies, the people would overthrow their own government based on a limiting of information. Or, at least, a funneling of information. And for a fraction of the money it would take to fight a war, one man took this funding and went to Iran, recruited people, and made an uprising appear where one was not. This is also known as the “Information in, information out loop”.

If one controls the information the enemy is using to make his conclusions and base his decisions upon, then you can control what that enemy does and how he will react BEFORE he even sees the information.

Just like Al Qaeda, how do you think they would react if they thought the US was trying to form an alliance with the Jews and destroy their way of life? If a lie is said often enough…

The BabyBoom generation is the best example of modern mind control. It is the culmination of  research done in the 1950s and 1960s to control a country and create an illusion of fear and dispar where none existed before. This generation had to be imprinted in a particular way so that when something similar happened in the future, the constructed response would be triggered. So as to know what these people would do when something happened. To preprogram these people to act a certain way, buy a certain thing, say a certain phrase, and fear a certain kind of people.

The assassination of John F. Kennedy was the lasting imprint that has shaped the Baby Boomers ‘Information in, Information out Loop’.

“Do you remember where you were when Kennedy was shot?” The iconic question that brings back an image of sadness, fear, hope lost, unity in brotherhood. Smells, sounds, places all remembered as if it happened yesterday. And, whether they know it or not, when those smells and sounds are encountered today, it triggers a set of actions that were formed in the aftermath of that day…. when most of these people were only 7 years old, or 10, or 13. I cannot even imagine seeing my president assassinated at the age of 10!

The mental defenses that are created by an individual to cope with trauma are strong and can hide things that came before. It happens to adults, but more often to children. This loss of days, weeks, or even months can be hidden for decades in the mind, to be reviled only when the mind is able to cope with and deal with these events. If these people were 7 or 10 when JFK died, then they were 4 or 7 when the Cuban Missile Crisis happened. The threat of Nuclear war loomed heavy for how long? And children were doing drills for nuclear war at school, at home, shelters build inside libraries, schools, department stores. The endless threat and the feelings of them vs. us… They’re gonna get you… those evil commies… they’re gonna take your freedom… we gotta get them before they get us… our spices is at the brink of extinction….


Kennedy is shot, dies in Dallas, and then mourning starts. A sence of personal pride is felt when we fight back the tears and hold our head up high. Forgetting that which makes us weak or emotional.

After all, if little John-John can salute his father’s casket, then we can forget the pain and fear and move forward. And hidden inside those children who were witness to these tragic 1000 days are the seeds of a movement that, as we see today, are rooted in the days of the missile crisis…. the endless threat of them vs. us… They’re gonna get you… those evil commies… they’re gonna take your freedom… we gotta get them before they get us… our species is at the brink of extinction….


Any thoughts??

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