The Final 1000 Days: Observations on a Dying World Made by One of Its Inhabitants

Original entry date: 3-26-2010            1000 days(+11 hours)


As the wind blows out of the east, a rainbow around the setting Sun, temps in the 50s (snow chance has changed to “precipitation”), and contrails, fhon waves… insanity in the air.


I write 11 hours before the last 1000 days begins.


The number is not important. It’s round and impressive. Like the worlds largest ball of aluminum foil, it’s just pretty. What is significant is our being able to have 1000 days to prepare. I’ve made solar panels, geothermal heating and cooling. A store of medical supplies, food, water, and ammo. I’ve found what’s gonna work and what’s not. I’ve prepared mentally for the challenges and have made plans for the things I believe are needed. Everyone’s on board with the plans and we are on track to be ready by October 3, 2011.


I imagine those who will not be… well, the best case is a pack of blood thirsty animals. The worst… well, all of them dying without knowing would be the best, I suppose. From a ‘survival of the fittest’ point of view.


I discovered the link between 9-11 and the Weather Channel. Blackstone is the largest share holder of The Weather Channel. Blackstone held the lease on WTC 7. Looking at the archived GEOS shots, they suggest that the “new weather” was a surprise and their reaction to the energy seen at 0400 UT on September 11, 12, and 13, 2001 was the WTC attack. It was the only way to ensure planes would be grounded while they figured out what it was and what its effects would be.


By making this connection, I can say 3000 people were killed so that my family could survive to see 2013.

Thank you. I will never forget.


May we see Enlightenment coupled with peace, unity, and brotherhood in the days ahead.

May the gods have mercy on us all.


Any thoughts??

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