The Final 1000 Days: Observations on a Dying World Made by One of Its Inhabitants

October 28, 2010                                784 days


As I watch this year’s election unfold, I am overwhelmed with polar opposite emotions. I am excited to vote. It’s my right and duty. I am also teaching my boys that voting is what we must do in order to preserve this right, and to honor those who have given all of themselves, to give this right to us. I am sad to see my Democratic leaders not fight tooth and nail to hold their ground and fight for what is clearly the hopes and dreams of a majority of Americans. I am outraged to see undisclosed flows of money influencing such an important election in favor of anything other than the common man.


And I am scared to death that this country stands on the verge of complete and total civil war once again.


As I have said before, the polling data is not accurate. It is showing a gain in both houses for the Republicans. I am not upset by this. It is the will of (or brainwashing of…. Depends on what you believe) the people. A clear and fair election. I am prepared for that and will accept that outcome. But, what if it is not the case? What if the people come out and vote for what we have now? Or, even more Democratic Representatives AND a 60 seat majority in the Senate? What if the people have found their voice and unite to stop what is coming? totally unforeseen by anyone who is not aware of the situation at hand?


“People are looking at those ‘Second Amendment Remedies’.”

-Sharon Angle, Republican candidate for Senate, Nevada


The fires stoked and the tires kicked… election fraud tossed about… ‘muslim president’…. killing grandma… Thomas Jefferson quotes whipped out at a moment’s notice, like he was someone’s uncle who said this stuff at Christmas last year… And a two-party system that has sown these inflammatory seeds of hate and fear for the last half century, about to reap their crops and bring good and decent people to a point where shooting their neighbor is the best way forward. As if the Democrat next door, who you have known for thirty years, is in with the muslim/Kenyan/black president and is converting your children to Communism!




Stop this now. Stop all of this shit now before it is too late! This is the pent-ultimate wet dream of the ‘illuminati’ or NWO… Make them self-implode. Then as the infighting goes on, a point will be reached where the people, themselves, will come crawling and begging for help. “I’ll give up my freedom for safety!” “I just want to drive my Hummer and drink my latte again! I wont make any fuss, sir. Please!”


All of this, coupled with the previous posts of the Disarming of the Baby Boomers, and it all sounds very familiar, doesn’t it? Hmmm…. where have I heard this story before? Some far off distant third world country? A vicious dictator from central Europe?


Nope. It is the tactic used by the CIA to take out leaders of other countries that cannot be removed by conventional means. Information in, information out loop distorted. The images and conclusions of the election. The ‘reasons’ and ‘threat to democracy’. Terror Babies, Anchor Babies, ‘Ground Zero Mosque’, muslim president, us vs. them, they’re gonna take what ever it is you still hold dear enough to kill for so you’d better do it first, don’t listen to them they’re lying, pride, Country First, nevermind that man behind the curtain….


Once you have seen the reason for this war of information… once you have found the conclusion that none of them want you to know- this is the final free and open election….

(no matter the outcomes of the 2012 election, they will be invalidated by the president once he declares a state of emergency, or martial law is declared, in November 2012. President Obama will, thanks to the efforts of GWB and Co., have the power to hold the newly elected government in suspension until it is declared safe for our national interests and a transition can get underway.)

…as Michael Jackson said- “This is It.”


And, boy, he was right! The outcome of this election will decide what freedoms we will preserve as our nation faces the harshest of enemies. Will we be a secular nation? Will we be a religious nation? Will we still permit people of differing ideals and beliefs to be citizens of our country? Will our people still have a voice? Will we become like one of the hundreds of sporting venues across the globe?- Bank of America presents “The United States of America”, LLC.(TM) (Bank of America and its subsidiaries do not nessicarily share the views and/or opinions of The United States. Bank of America welcomes open and diverse ideas and the freedom to express those ideas… so long as we say you can…. and the United States is free to have an opinion counter to ours… as long as its military industrial complex and dictatorial generals allow the illusion of freedom of expression)


Everyone seems to know what the founding fathers of this great nation meant. They can all tell you how this or that was supposed to be read. When you actually read the founding documents, you see that the people who founded this country were, in fact, the Illuminati. They were aware of the events to come. And they knew how, what, and where the enemies of humanity would try to re-enslave us. That is why they were so dedicated to ensuring these truths. That is why a Freemason was the first President. And that is why this is all happening.


Stop. Think about it…. Do you think it is a coincidence that the final election cycle falls only weeks before the Mayan Calendar resets in 2012? They could only hope that it was still as close to the original intent as possible. Though not the worst case envisioned I’m sure… we are still farther down the path to hell than Washington would have wanted.


god bless Humanity, and the United States of America.


Any thoughts??

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