The Final 1000 Days: Observations on a Dying World Made by One of Its Inhabitants

August 4, 2010                         871 Days


When I first started my journal, I was ready to write everyday and make detailed notes on everything I could. I feel regret that I have not lived up to that. Everyday we draw closer to the singularity and everyday I learn so much more about the weather, the Sun, magnetars and stars in general… All of this I want to preserve for my boys so that they will have a “cheat sheet” later down the road. But I have done so much since the 1000 days mark that if I would have foucused on this, it would have set me back quite a ways.


When I go back and read my entries at the end of March and through April 15th… Who wrote that shit? Nostradomus? That guy who was nailed to a cross? And now thoes entries fill me with dispare and fear. Like in the movie “Austin Powers”, when they enter the ‘steamroller testing facility’….. “Nooooooo!” “Watch out! Move!” “Nooooooo!” “Get out of the way!” “Nooooooooo!”


I see the approaching storm. I have found the answer to the questions. I scream into the night, desparate to tell all I can. No one hears and no one has a clue.


I realized a comfort of sorts yesterday. In another light it can be viewed as horrifying. But, if people don’t get it by August 27, 2010, or (maybe?) 12/2010 then they are not gonna have time to prepare. Once I found the answer, it took me two years to research the things that will work and won’t. And, after a year of research and a year of trial and error (not 4 yrs total, all of these things within two years) only now am I ready to build a structure that will be safe and secure and provide shielding that will be sufficient. PLUS all the other things needed to survive for a minumum of five years for a family of four. And that is without the inconvienience of global collapse of modern human civilization! (Always remember walking into a Home Depot! That is something you’ll always remember and think ‘Why didn’t I buy that extra ____ when it was at Home Depot?’ about 3 years from now!)


Two years. And if this were 12/4/2012, I would not be ready 17 days. I still need 6 months to ensure all is ready. The ‘visions’ I have of this winter are… People are going to go hungry this winter in the USA. People are going to freeze to death in the USA. Yes, this happens all the time, but this year it will happen next door to you. It will effect someone you know… It will effect someone I know. And this is the first of three years of winter! What about next year? And the year after that? Is the government going to admit to what the fuck is going on?!! How many will have to die needlessly? WHO will have to die for full disclosure to happen?


Fathers will have to feed their children. It is in our genetic make up. When things turn ugly, uglyness become the rule. Animals we are all. And when we are fighting an invisible idea of some vague concept… and we don’t even know if humanity is the cause of this idea… What the hell? If we are doomed to die anyway we turn, then the only question is “Who’s comin’ with me?”


“For want of the price

of tea and a slice,

The old man died”


-Pink Floyd, “Us and Them”, Dark Side of the Moon


I shall start a ‘grocery list’ on this site. I have a good list of things on Ruffle The Teacher’s youtube channel, but I feel I must share what I can with my friends here. I guess it’s really never too late….


Any thoughts??

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