The Final 1000 Days: Observations on a Dying World Made by One of Its Inhabitants

Original entry date: 5-20-2010                  945 days


We are now in another stretch of 11 days without sunspots. Though, a 100,000 KM long filament is stretching across the northern limb of the Sun. It is coming into position facing us. We’ve seen solar storms blasting Earth off and on for about two weeks. This one we are in right now sparked severe weather in the Midwest in OK and MO, and tonight in MS and AL. It is becoming obvious these solar winds are causing severe weather as when the winds are gone, weather is calm. When the winds hit Earth, we see massive uprising in TX and upper level disturbances.


Losing my ability to log on to RuffleTheTeacher on Youtube. A closed email address and no password have left me unable to log in. Luckily I was still logged in on my laptop, so I was able to dress the channel before leaving it to become a “Google Fossil”. I hope people see it now instead of later.


I found the conclusions I needed to prove my theory about this 26,000 year old event and how it could have been seen then and felt now. It all goes back to Einstein. E=MC2 (Energy= mass times the speed of light squared).


Using algebra, solve for all variables… M=E/C2…. C2=E/M… E=MC2


-Mass is not lost in a reaction, just changed to energy.

-Time slows down near massive objects.

-As observed time slowed due to increased mass at the Galactic Center, light was able to travel farther in a shorter amount of time.


Evidence in the Spitzer Observatory picture composite of Milky Way.


I am ready to start the final preps for a loooong winter!


Any thoughts??

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