The Final 1000 Days: Observations on a Dying World Made by One of Its Inhabitants

Original entry date: 4-9-2010                     987 days


Spent the day searching out parts for AC geo system and cleaning house front to back. Found out the hard way my son is allergic to mouse dander. Had to take ‘Dora and Swiper’ (our pet mice) to live with someone new. I was a little sad, but the boys… they were obviously crushed. Misplaced anger and sad. They understood, but it was tough.


All parts have arrived and will build the new AC system tomorrow. Solar panels… not sure. In transit as far as I know. 4 crates of granite in driveway. Am going to Google plans for brick masonry and try to build a wall.


After that… either hydrosonic cavitation electricity or sure up house for bunker. Both extremely important to have and to do right. Doing them now will give me time to correct errors.


Any thoughts??

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