Daily observations for 7/12/11 @ 0200 UTC

Sunspot number= 67 @ 0137

Planetary Kp max past 24 hrs= 4

NICT shows smoe powerful activity, though-

Image from the NICT ACE Simulation

Magnetosphere Simulation from NICT

 USGS shows activity in the Cascades today… a 2.7M and 2.8M…. as well as a 5.5M in the Southern East Pacific Rise, 1592 miles south of Easter island.

The Icelandic Met Office (IMO) shows continued activity under Katla’s ice cap… 1M – 2M and nothing in the last week over 3M…  Massive flooding has been observed over the last couple days. In late october and stopping in early November, 2010, Grimsvoton experienced the same deal.

The surface of the Sun looks quite interesting-

Compostie image of the Sun, from NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory(SDO) 7/12/2011 @ 0059 UTC

Weather… sucks! Hot and humid and not going away. Besides the obvious… The GEOS IR image of the Americas looks interesting, still. It has for the last few days-

GEOS East, Full Disk 7/11/11 @ 2345. Image from NESDIS

 May update later… may not. Depends on what happens.

Keep your head UP!!


Any thoughts??

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