The Final 1000 Days: Observations on a Dying World, Made By One of Its Inhabitants

I started this journal 3/21/2010. The original point was to write everyday and observe weather, solar, and geospatial storms. Also to give a perspective unique enough to be interesting. The pages will be testimony to a families’ struggle to thrive, or used as defense material at a future trial 😉 I will start by reposting the passages already recorded and work my way up to today (or tomorrow depending on when you are reading this).

Dedicated to…. anyone who’s left and finds this intact. If survival is the goal, then the following pages illustrate the struggle of a family of four, in the final days of modern human civilization, to prepare to survive, preserve human achievements, and thrive in the most-modern world. For my two boys. If I’m not there to explain all of this, then know that everything I have done and will do is to give you the best starting point possible, to grow and become Leaders of free men and women in a brave new world. The only thing you need to know, in order to forge a lasting and strong society, is this… Before making a conclusion and passing a judgement, remember this-

First, do no harm. Second, don’t be evil.


Any thoughts??

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