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Every One of Us is Currently Fighting in the First Cyber World War

Today on MSNBC, a gentleman said that Russia is currently attempting to sway the US Presidential Election by releasing hacked emails. This is the publicly released information and BOTH candidates are being briefed by the National Security heads. The Russians are attempting to sway the election in favor of Donald Trump, and Donald Trump is … Continue reading

“…and the winner is-” A Little Numbers Perspective

All numbers provided as of August 18, 2016 Using the election numbers from 2012, I wanted to provide some context for how close the election really is, even if it seems like it maybe coming to a premature conclusion. Latest polling shows-   Hillary Clinton is polling at 43% Number of votes cast in 2012= … Continue reading

“There’s something bad going on… Believe me!”

I had a flash of light the other day, thinking about things Donald Trump said in the wake of the tragedy in Orlando. One of the the things he said was “There’s something bad going on… Believe me!” He also said if we don’t do something about it now, one day we won’t have a … Continue reading

Back to The Future Predicts 9/11- and references 7/11

I’m a believer in the power of the human mind. The energy that exists just beyond our everyday reality is malleable, it flows and we flow within it. More than we know, we have the ability to make an impression on the universe around us. As well, the universe will make an impression upon us, … Continue reading

New Galactic Center X-ray Transient Detected by Swift: SWIFT J174540.7-290015

(Above: Crow. Ok… I get it? You can stop laughing now, you damn bird. Makes me wanna eat you even more!!) Well… One must admit when one has jumped the gun, and I may have been a tiny bit premature with my last post?? Maybe? Hell. You can’t blame me! Just read a couple posts … Continue reading

New observations of Sgr A* show Dramatic Increase in High Energy Output!

The SWIFT team has been observing the Galactic Center for three years. The observations have given us data on a new magnetar in the GC, and shows in the data as the tallest peaks, reaching almost 14 sigma above the normally observed energy output of about 3 sigma, usually less. The oddly smooth data gaps … Continue reading

“Morals and Dogma of Freemasonry”: Discussion and Thoughts

II. The Fellow-Craft I have started my third run through this book. After the second reading I told myself I must post my thoughts and open a discussion about the topics and the meanings Albert Pike writes about. Though it seems Mr. Pike was, well…. to put it politely and understatedly…. a product of his … Continue reading

Sgr A* vs. G2: Postmortem and What’s Next

A Short Review Observation of the stars in orbit around the Supermassive Black Hole (SMBH), Sgr A*, began in the early 1990s. At that time it was hypothesized that a SMBH existed at the center of our galaxy, but confirmation would not be possible until the orbits of the innermost stars could be determined. Finding … Continue reading

Draupnir: Odin’s Golden Armband

Image from the SWIFT monitoring of Sgr A*. In the stories of the Norse Religion, when Odin’s son is killed, at the funeral Odin places on his son an armband made of gold. Called Draupnir, this armband will drop 8 rings of equal weight on every 9th night. As I have watched the data from … Continue reading

National Ice Center Stops Lying, Just Stops Posting Data

So far during this year's monitoring of total ice in the Northern Hemisphere, NATICE has confirmed only ONE of the multiple rises in ice volume with a green 'gain' in weekly ice totals. The others?? They've decided to report numbers whenever it suites their needs- a day late here, three days early there. Just so … Continue reading